Coolgrey is a digital design and development studio. We create beautiful, functional and affordable websites based on open source software.

Design has been our business and our passion for more than 25 years and we’ve been creating websites since the web was in its infancy. Throughout that time our approach has remained consistent: the best design uses the technology most appropriate to communicate effectively; and the best design is not decoration, but is itself part of the message.

We’ve become adept at combining the best web technologies to produce websites that work for small organisations with limited budgets. We specialise in producing websites based on open source software, but our most important task is to forge close working relationships with our clients, typically companies with payrolls ranging from one to 100.

We aim to make your job easier by becoming your partner in the design process: to help you decide what you need, suggest solutions and then to exceed your expectations.

It’s your business, after all, and at Coolgrey we believe in design the right way round: our expertise at your disposal.